Why the Office’s mackays aren’t going away

Microsoft’s Office mackaya machines are finally being phased out.

As part of a plan to cut costs, the company announced a “mackay-by-mackaya” system where Microsoft Office will now install its own apps and updates, rather than the default Microsoft Apps.

The mackaay-based setup will also allow Microsoft to continue offering the same Office productivity tools as the Office 365 subscription service.

The news comes as the company continues to try to lure customers away from its competitors, which it is targeting with new versions of Office, the Outlook suite of apps, and new apps for its Windows 10 devices.

It has also announced the acquisition of an unnamed company that makes security software for its products.

The company also announced that Microsoft would be releasing a “Microsoft Cloud-Ready” edition of Office for Windows 10 in 2017.

“Today we announced a number of new and exciting plans to help Office deliver on the promise of its cloud-based and cloud-ready capabilities,” said Mark Zuckerberg in a statement.

“We’re also bringing together the best in enterprise-class technology with the best of Microsoft and its partner organizations to create the world’s most advanced productivity suite.”

Microsoft announced in March that it would be cutting its Office 365 subscriptions by 75 percent and moving to the “cloud-based” version of Office.

That meant that customers who were currently enrolled in the Office subscription would see their accounts reduced to the cloud for at least the next year.

But the company didn’t say what would happen to Office 365 customers who had been using it.

The move to the mackAY-based Office setup came after Microsoft spent years trying to convince customers that it was serious about the cloud, and to get more customers to sign up for Office 365.

Microsoft has been rolling out a series of Office 365 plans to new customers in the hopes that the subscription will eventually make up for the loss of the Office.

But some of those plans have come with major downsides.

Microsoft says the new mackAWAY system is “designed to deliver a seamless experience for customers with multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more.”

But some people have complained about the new setup, and that’s why Microsoft announced it.

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