Which office machines are good for office drinking?

With office drinking machines often used as part of a daily routine, it’s difficult to tell which one is best for your job.

We looked at some of the top office drinks machines available in the UK to find out which are the best for office use.


Apple Coffee Machine (iPad)This is a relatively new iPad-based coffee machine from Apple.

It is available in both Apple and the US.

It features a sleek design with the same circular design of Apple’s iMac computers.

It comes with a touchscreen for accessing the app store, and a built-in stylus and microphone for taking notes.


Apple Juice Machine (iPhone)The Apple Juice machine is a device that comes in several flavours including a ‘classic’ model, and the ‘premium’ model.

It costs around £35.3 ($47.1) for the Apple Juice box with a range of flavours, and £50 for the machine itself.


Apple Watch (iPhone, iPad)The Watch is a wrist-worn device that costs around $300 (£210) in the US and £350 (£440) in other markets.

It’s currently available only in the United States, but the Apple Watch Series 3 is due to be released in March 2018.

The Apple Watch comes with fitness apps, a heart rate monitor, a camera, and NFC.


Office Laptop (Windows PC) This is a portable office laptop with a built in stylus.

It has a touch screen, which lets you write or draw on it.

It can also be used as a computer.

There are a range from £40 ($65) for a basic model to £60 ($75) for an ‘extra expensive’ model that includes a built on stylus, keyboard, monitor, and battery.


Office Phone (Windows Phone)This model costs around €99 ($149) in Germany, or £159 ($200) in Britain.

It also comes with Windows Phone 8.1, an optional ‘Office Lens’ to help you see what is on the screen, and built-ins for a photo-sharing feature, a calendar, and voice recognition.


Office Tablet (Windows tablet)This device costs around 5,000 Euros ($6,250) in Europe and is sold by the US company Microsoft.

It includes a Windows 8.0 tablet, built- in styluses, a stylus for drawing on it, and an extra-sized keyboard.


Apple TV (Apple TV)This set-top box costs around 1,500 Euros ($1,825) in China, and comes with an array of channels and apps.


iPad Air (iPod)This iPad is the latest model in the iPad line-up, and it is priced at around £600 ($800).

It has the same build-in display as the iPad Air 2, and can also connect to the internet.


Apple Pencil (Apple Pencil)This pencil is a small but powerful stylus that costs £35 in the USA, and up to £75 in Britain and Germany.

It will also come with a microphone, and is compatible with iOS.


Samsung Smart Keyboard (Smart Keyboard)This keyboard costs around 30,000 Euro ($37,000) in Spain and around 1.5 million Euro ($2,300) in Denmark.


Samsung Power Keyboard (Power Keyboard)The Samsung Power keyboard is also available in its own version.

It starts at around 2,000 euros ($3,000), and can be bought from Amazon, but is not as popular as the Apple Smart Keyboard.


Office Keyboard (MacBook)The MacBook is a high-end desktop computer with a screen that can be viewed from almost anywhere.

It does not have an internet connection, and only comes in a limited range of colours.

The keyboard is very large, and costs around 3,500 Euro ($5,600) in France, and 3,000 euro ($5 of £4,600 in the rest of Europe).


Office Pen (Microsoft Office)Microsoft Office can be used on the Apple iPad, Apple Watch, or Google Chromebook.

It works on both Macs and PCs, and includes all of the features that a traditional Office application will.


Apple Pay (Apple Pay)The iPhone’s Apple Pay payment system can be activated with a single touch, and will allow you to pay for items at any one of the many merchants in the world.


Apple HomeKit (HomeKit)The HomeKit smart home hub is an integrated set of devices that includes smart lights, thermostats, security systems, and more.


Smart TV (Amazon Prime Video)Amazon Prime video can be streamed on a variety of devices from the Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV.

It lets you watch up to 30 channels and play over-the-top content

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