When a new office popcorn Machine Comes with a Secret $400 Gift Card

When a brand-new office popcorn machines comes with a $400 gift card, many employees may wonder if it’s worth the price.

According to the Office of the President, the new machines have been given to employees to use at their convenience, and employees can choose to use it to buy the machines at their office, or to keep them in their office for free.

“In addition to the new office machines, Office of President Office and Research will be celebrating its centennial this year with a new Office of Innovation, Science and Technology Center, an award-winning research and development facility,” the office wrote in a press release announcing the gift cards.

“The Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology will be launching its new business incubator at the center and providing training for new entrepreneurs.

The Office of Public Service and Public Policy will also be opening a new Public Safety Office and Public Information Office, bringing new public servants into the federal government.”

The gift cards also come with a special, secret $400 value that can only be redeemed on the office machines.

“We’re pleased to share a gift card that offers employees the opportunity to enjoy a new gift card as a token of appreciation for the tremendous support the Office and Office of Administration have provided to our nation over the years,” the press release said.

“These gifts are a great way to recognize your support for the Office, and are an important part of our efforts to ensure our federal workforce remains highly productive and accountable to the American people,” said David Karp, vice president of government relations for the office, in a statement.

“This is a great opportunity for employees to be able to spend some quality time with their families.”

While there’s no word on whether or not the gift card will be made available to other employees, it’s also possible that the office will be selling off its office furniture and other supplies for employees.

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