What you need to know about the Trump administration’s effort to change the rules on hiring copy machines in the federal government

President Donald Trump is expected to sign a memorandum instructing federal agencies to start using robots to fill jobs at the end of the year.

The move would be one of his most sweeping efforts to use technology to fill vacant positions in the workforce.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump’s directive would affect about 100,000 federal employees across the federal workforce.

Trump has called for hiring machines to automate the entire federal workforce, and has proposed spending $5 billion over three years to hire a million robots, according to a report last year by the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

The new directive would be a major step toward getting government jobs filled.

“We’re going to use robots to do a lot of things that would be very difficult to do today,” Trump said last year.

“When you have a lot more people, it means you need more people.

We have to use our best judgment and our best brains to figure out how we’re going get this done.

We’re going be using them, and they’re going help us get our jobs done.”

The new order would require the departments of the Interior and Commerce to spend $5 million on robotic assistants for the Federal Register.

The directive would also require the Secretary of Labor to hire more robots for positions in healthcare, public safety, education and research and development.

Trump signed an executive order in February that gave the Federal Trade Commission more leeway to use robotic assistants in its workforce, allowing it to hire about 200 robots annually to do “administrative tasks.”

The FTC’s robots will have to undergo a rigorous training program.

“These new robot assistants are going to help us to automate a lot that we’ve been doing for many years,” Trump told the Washington Post last month.

“They’re going, ‘I know you.

I know where you work, I know when you’re coming and going.’

We’re just going to take care of the jobs that are left and go to a different business.”

In addition to the new order, Trump is scheduled to sign an executive action to create a new National Cybersecurity Center and to create the National Cyber Security Partnership.

He also wants to create new cybersecurity and data privacy programs, according, to a White House official.

A draft of the new executive order has not yet been released.

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