What to know about the Cairns office machine recall

Cairnns, New South Wales (CNN) The Australian government is facing questions about its handling of an Office Machines (OM) recall of some machines.

The Department of Consumer Affairs announced Tuesday it has agreed to a request from the Australian Industry Group to investigate possible defects in two Cairne machine models.

The two machines were sold by OfficeMax Australia, and were recalled after reports of the machines overheating and cracking.

According to the AIG, the machines are manufactured by OMS and sold through some of the largest office supply chains in the world.

The machines have been in operation for more than two decades.

In a statement, OfficeMax said it has been cooperating with the Australian Consumer Affairs Agency since February.”OMS takes any potential recall seriously and we remain confident of our quality control processes,” the statement said.

“We have also offered to provide the Australian government with any required assistance as a matter of urgency.”

Affected customers can visit the OMS website to check for any issues.

The company says it will be making repairs and warranty upgrades.

The OMS brand name has been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride recently.

In January, it was accused of making false statements about its quality and safety standards, and in July, the company was forced to cancel an Australian tour.AIG said Tuesday the company “has been in discussions with the government for some time about the possible problems with the machines.”

“We understand the concerns, and that they are understandable,” AIG general counsel Ian Young said in a statement.

“OMS is committed to making changes in our supply chain to ensure it is a better, safer and more reliable company.”

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