What are the common office machine ills?

The common office coffee machine is the most common machine for coffee drinkers in the United States, according to a new study from the American Coffee Association (ACAA).

The study, released Monday, showed that a record 11.4 million Americans drink coffee, according a report from the ACAA.

That’s an increase of about 5 million since last year, the ACIA reported.

And while it’s not clear whether the number of coffee drinkers has increased because of the election, the new data does suggest that coffee shops are taking a hard look at how to better serve customers.

“It’s a huge concern to us because there are so many machines,” ACAA CEO Michael Nachbar said.

“We have to make sure they’re not putting customers in danger.”

The ACAA study shows that 1.4 billion Americans use at least one coffee machine each day, and that about one in three Americans drink a cup of coffee in the home.

That means coffee is the second most popular drink among Americans.

But even as coffee is one of the most popular drinks, the number has dropped for some time.

About 4.6 million people used an office machine in 2015, according the ACPA, which said that figure has declined to about 3 million people in 2016.

The decline is more dramatic for the office espresso machine.

The ACAA said that, in 2016, an average of about 10 million Americans used a machine that dispensed espresso.

“The office espresso machines that we see today were never the same as they were five years ago,” Nachbars said.

The study says about one-third of office machines in the U.S. are in use, but only one in six machines in use at the moment.

“The vast majority of office coffee machines in this country are not used,” Nacar said.

In a statement, Starbucks, the nation’s largest coffee chain, said that “while we’re grateful to all our partners for supporting the American people’s desire to be more caffeinated, we also understand the importance of coffee and how our customers can enjoy a cup without having to compromise the quality of their coffee.”

The Starbucks statement said that while its goal is to deliver more coffee and better coffee service to customers, “this doesn’t mean that we can’t take steps to ensure that our coffee and espresso are made with coffee from good growers that are sustainable and meet our company’s strict environmental standards.”

The study by the ACA also found that more than 10 percent of office chairs have been replaced by office machines since the 1970s, with the average replacement rate rising from 5 percent in 2010 to about 20 percent today.

The ACPA has been working with manufacturers of office furniture and office equipment to improve how coffee machines are made, according its statement.

And in the past year, it has been helping companies that make office furniture to improve the machines they use, NachBar said.

The study did not include data on the size of the machines used by Starbucks or other companies that sell office furniture.

The company does not disclose how many of its machines are in existence, nor does it release data on how many people work at each office.

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