The Office’s “Scoop and Drop” is back!

The Office is back for its third season on the air, and it’s coming back to TV in the form of a new mini-series called Scoop and Dropping.

Titled Scoop & Drop, it’s the third season of an original series that premiered back in February of 2018.

The mini-show is titled “SCOOP and DRAGGING” because it follows the exploits of a team of scientists who have been working on an alien invasion project.

The episode, titled “The Scoop” sees a young boy named Kevin and his brother, Billy, embark on a journey to solve a mysterious case.

The show follows Kevin as he tries to get to the bottom of what’s happening in his life and what the aliens might want to do with him.

This season marks the return of a cast that includes the likes of Jussie Smollett, Sarah Polley, Josh Radnor, and John Krasinski, as well as many other regulars from the first two seasons.

Here’s a synopsis of Scoop: After a massive earthquake in New York, a mysterious alien invasion has spread across the globe.

The world’s greatest scientists, engineers, and scientists are trying to find a way to stop it.

Meanwhile, the Scoop twins find themselves trapped in a virtual reality, where they are joined by Billy, a young man from New York City.

They try to find out what’s going on and discover the truth behind the aliens.

Kevin, Billy and a group of scientists are sent to a mysterious planet to stop the invasion.

However, they soon discover the aliens have invaded a small town and are about to destroy it.

Scoop is created by David Eick, who also wrote the first season of Lost.

His next series, The Lost, will premiere later this year on Amazon Prime.

We caught up with Eick to learn what’s in store for the new mini series.

IGN: What was your plan for this new mini?

Eick: The first thing I thought was, I’ve got to get back to my office, and I’ve gotta start making a mini-season.

And I said, “Yeah, well, I think I’ll do it.”

Then, the idea of Scoops episode was really simple.

We’re going to be doing a very simple episode that’s about Kevin and Billy trying to figure out what to do when they find out that the aliens are invading the world.

The idea is that the episode is a mini episode.

You know, it doesn’t have the grand scope of the original season, but I wanted to take a big step forward and really get back into the story of the Scoops.

So that’s what I came up with.

But, I also really wanted to do it with a little bit of a twist to it.

That’s what’s the reason I did a Scoop episode this time around, because I really wanted people to really get the sense that they’re not watching just the original episode, but they’re watching this mini-episode.

And then, I’m just so excited about the mini-shows that we’ve had on television.

We’ve had one that’s just about an hour long, like Scoop, and we’ve got another that’s an hour and a half long.

We were thinking about doing something like Scoops mini-comic, and then there’s the Scooby-Doo mini-franchise, which is really about two Scoops and Scooby.

And that’s the story that’s really going to kick off this season.

I think the mini shows are such a wonderful opportunity for the TV world to kind of have a little more fun with our world, and that’s where the idea came from.

IGN’s TV coverage on the season includes everything from scoop on the new season of Orange Is the New Black to reviews on The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory.

Check out the rest of IGN’s scoop and reviews on TV.

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