The office cleaning machines you never wanted to buy • The Boston Bruins will be back in town this season, and there are no plans to stop using their office cleaning equipment.

They’ll continue to use the machines at all three games, but not at practice.

Coach Claude Julien has said he expects the team to get back to using the machines as much as possible before the regular season begins.

“It’s really important to us,” Julien said.

“We have to use it at every practice.

But for now we’ll just keep on doing the same things as we’ve been doing all year. “

If we can get back in the game and have a little bit of a regular practice in there and see how they’re going to play and see if we can really get better practice time in there, that would be good.

The team has had to move from a stationary cleaning machine to a new, stationary cleaning system to keep pace with the pace of the game. “

You can’t say we’re going out of business, but we’ve got to make sure we do it right.”

The team has had to move from a stationary cleaning machine to a new, stationary cleaning system to keep pace with the pace of the game.

The new system is capable of cleaning equipment at the same speed and quality that it does on ice, but it has a slightly different look.

It uses a special machine to pull a cleaning brush out of a plastic bag that is used to keep the cleaning water out of the cleaning fluid and into the cleaning pump.

This machine is much smaller than the previous one, but is capable on the same amount of time.

The cleaning fluid, meanwhile, is poured out into a container and then is sprayed into the machine.

The entire process takes about 30 seconds.

The team plans to get the machines out to players during the first few games of the season, but no changes will be made to their schedule after that.

The Bruins’ regular season opener is Saturday, Feb. 18, against the Buffalo Sabres.

Julien will be in the locker room to watch the game from his suite at TD Garden.

The game will be broadcast on MSG Networks.

The first five games are expected to be played in the TD Garden, which is also home to the NHL’s All-Star Game.

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