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A lovell office machine with the power to convert your computer to a machine for the office

Lovell office equipment has been sold off at auction.The Lovell Office Machines Corporation, which has been running a website selling the machines for just under €1,000 ($1,250) apiece, sold the machines to the Irish Independent for €1 million.The sale comes as the country’s economy is in turmoil.Lovell has said it will cut its workforce by […]

How to buy office-based steppers with a computer

The average person probably has a stepper motor that’s already been around for a while, but you probably don’t need one unless you want to buy one on Amazon or eBay.But now you can get one on a computer for $50.A computer manufacturer called PCWorld reported that its $50 Stepper M2, the second-generation of its […]

Derby office machine consultants sign new deal with Derbyshire Racing

Derbysdale Racing is to sign a new deal for an office machine that will help them to keep up with the pace of technology.Derbyshires racing team is due to make a deal with the firm after agreeing a deal to sell its existing equipment to a new company.It is understood the new deal will see […]

Microsoft to sell coffee machine machine to coffee shops

Microsoft is selling its coffee machine business to the coffee shops, the company announced Tuesday.The deal is worth $1 billion, and the two businesses will work together to provide coffee and espresso machines to businesses.The two companies plan to bring the business to 30 coffee shops across the U.S., including some in the Washington, D.C., […]

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