‘Man’s Best Friend’ is a new product, not an old one

“The best friend you can have on your desktop is a laptop,” said Kevin Kohn, who co-founded Man’s Best Friends in 2009 with his wife, Katie.

A few years later, they launched their first product, the Man’s BEST FRIENDS™ laptop.

The idea was to take a laptop and give it the capabilities of an iPad and give a friend who may not be a fan of an older laptop an iPad-sized computer.

In the last few years, Man’s best friends have become one of the hottest new products, with more than 1.4 million units shipped worldwide.

The company is also making its tablet-based product, ManStands, available through its app, as well as a smartphone app.

Man’s stands in the market for a laptop replacement for desktops.

“People love laptops,” said Kohn.

“It’s so convenient, and the technology is great.”

A few decades ago, Kohn said, the most popular laptops in his business were the Mac Pro, which is still the best laptop for a lot of people.

But today, “you can find them for $1,500,” he said.

Kohn says he is now selling a MacBook Pro that costs about $1.3 million.

ManStows is also the first product that Kohn thinks will help the world reach its goal of getting 1 billion devices on the Internet by 2025.

“We need to do something to make this possible,” Kohn told WSJ.

ManStays are designed to be easy to carry around. “

I have a MacBook that’s sitting in my office and I need to get a new one.”

ManStays are designed to be easy to carry around.

They’re easy to store, and they’re compact.

They are battery-powered, and their battery lasts for about three days on a charge.

And they’re light and easy to use.

They have built-in speakers for talking, a keyboard and touchpad, and two USB ports.

A built-out webcam allows for video chat.

A webcam also allows for quick photos.

The ManStains also have an Ethernet port, and can be used for Wi-Fi or 4G Internet connectivity.

The first model of ManStools launched in September of this year, and has been on sale for about two weeks.

Kato has seen the ManStowers in action.

“They’re awesome,” he told WSJA.

“These are my laptops.

They’ve been a dream since I was a kid.”

In addition to Kato, ManSands has raised over $200,000 in pre-orders.

The Kohns have sold more than 700,000 units and they plan to sell more than 3 million by the end of 2020.

Kano has been working on a Kickstarter campaign to bring back the original ManStores.

ManSanders will be available in stores by the summer of 2020, and Kano hopes to ship the first ManStamps to customers by the beginning of 2021.

“What makes ManStakes so special is that you can bring your laptop to the office, take it home, and take it out again,” Kano said.

“You don’t have to lug around your laptop in your pocket or purse.

The whole office is on the move, and ManStacks will help us make that easier.”

Kato said he thinks the Man Stands will appeal to a broad group of people who have a laptop, or people who want a laptop with a touch screen, but don’t want to take the keyboard and mouse out of the bag.

“ManStays will help you move from a laptop to a laptop.

That’s really exciting,” he added.

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