Mackay office machine sells for $5,000 after ‘troubled past’

A Mackay, Washington, office machine that has a long history of malfunctions sold at auction for $4,500 Tuesday, despite having a troubled past.

The Mackay City Paper reported the machine had been stolen by a former owner from the city’s public works department in February and sold to an anonymous bidder on Craigslist.

A video of the machine’s sale on Craigslist shows the seller explaining that it had been in the city government’s office for nearly a decade.

“It’s been a great opportunity to have it back, to have this piece of history,” said Bob DeLong, president of the Mackay Municipal Government Association, a group representing the city and its employees.

“We’re thrilled to see it go to the right person.

We want it to be a good investment for the city.”

The sale came after the paper reported last month that the machine was on the list of machines that should be replaced after its owners were accused of using it to commit “unlawful tampering.”

The paper reported that a Mackay city employee was accused of stealing the machine from a city department store in December 2015, and that it was reported stolen from the same office building in February.

A federal grand jury indicted the former employee, David McDaniel, on March 20, 2016, on two counts of stealing federal property.

He pleaded guilty to two counts on May 5, 2016.

The grand jury did not find that McDaniel had stolen any government property.

In court documents, the city said it had discovered that McDanys criminal history included felony convictions for stealing federal and state government property and making false statements to federal investigators.

It said McDaniel “did not use or possess the machine, but had an intimate knowledge of its history.”

The city said McDanies actions in the past showed that he had “intentionally altered the machine to conceal its identity.”

The government alleged McDaniel and a friend stole the machine after he had it delivered to a different department store and was seen in a video with it.

The city says the theft was discovered by the owner of the city department, who reported it to the police.

McDaniel has not been charged in the theft.

McDanie told The Hill that he knew of no evidence of the theft, adding that he didn’t use the machine for more than two years before it was stolen.

The former city employee’s lawyer, Charles Dickey, told the paper that McDavid’s criminal record and criminal history were not the reason for the sale.

“There is no evidence that David McDavid has any criminal history whatsoever,” Dickey said.

“He’s a guy who used to do things that are illegal and he’s doing things that have no legal consequence.”

The City Paper said the machine sold at the auction was purchased by a buyer who is from the town of Mackay.

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