IBM and Intel to launch IBM Watson 3.0 in the next three years

Intel has signed a deal to make the Watson 3-D engine a core part of its next-generation enterprise-class computing platform.

The Watson 3D engine will be a “key element” of IBM’s next-gen business-intelligence platform called BigData, according to a new filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company is expected to announce the Watson engine’s name and launch date in the second quarter of 2019.

BigData is IBM’s answer to the massive data-mining tools that have emerged in the cloud, such as the Google BigQuery engine.

Its software can be used to process large amounts of data, analyze the data and build models based on it.

IBM also said it has a plan to sell the software to other businesses that need to build models that can help them improve their data-processing and analytics capabilities.IBM Watson is expected by some to become the main tool used by companies to make sense of massive amounts of raw data, which are often stored on cloud servers, and analyze them.

Watson is also being used by Google to build its own cloud-based database for data analytics.

The technology could help big businesses improve their analytics and predictive power.

IBM has said Watson will be used in a variety of applications, including helping to understand how people and organizations use information, and making recommendations to them.IBR Software Group and IBM Research, Inc. are partners on the Watson development effort, and IBM has been working with Intel since 2011.

The two companies developed a commercial version of Watson in 2010.

The companies said in the filing that the Watson platform will be integrated into IBM’s cloud platform, which will enable data-analytics applications to access Watson data from BigData.IBI’s Watson team will also be involved in its new research and development effort to develop a cloud-wide version of the Watson software.

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