How to make your office machines work for you

By now you probably know how to turn your office machine into a productivity machine.

You might even have an office manager who’s already done it.

However, there are still many office machines out there that don’t work well.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common office machine issues that are often ignored by the office manager.1.

Laptop screen issuesWhen the laptop screen becomes too small or too small, the laptop will not display a full screen image.2.

Keyboard/mouse issuesThe laptop’s keyboard will not respond to the mouse pointer.3.

Power adapter issuesA laptop’s power adapter will not work.4.

Power supply issuesPower supplies that are not connected to the laptop’s motherboard can also cause issues.5.

Wireless adaptersFor wireless adapters, there may be issues.

When connecting to the internet or a mobile device, the computer will not connect to the wireless router.6.

Power-sink issuesThe power supply’s battery will not last as long as it should.7.

Wireless connectivity issuesWireless adapters can also be an issue.

When the wireless connection fails, the wireless device will not function.8.

No-plugging issueThe laptop does not have the power to charge the laptop battery.9.

USB ports that don\’t connectTo fix an issue like this, use an adapter or a power supply that has a USB port on it.10.

Power connector issuesSome laptop power connectors will have a power plug on the back.11.

No power button for a keyboard or mouseWhen you connect a keyboard and mouse, the keyboard and the mouse will not have any power button.12.

Battery issuesThe battery may not last long as expected.13.

Laptops that don\”t have enough RAMIf you don\”ll be using a laptop to work at home or on the go, there will be some battery problems.

The laptop will have too much RAM, or the laptop may not have enough memory.14.

Keyboard issuesThe keyboard may not be able to be recognized or typed correctly.15.

The display doesn\’t have a backlightWhile the display does not display the full color, you may notice that it does not turn off when you turn the laptop off.

This is because the display only displays a red color.16.

No soundWhen the computer does not detect the speakers or the speakers do not function properly, the sound will not be heard.17.

A USB cable that does not fit into the laptopThere may be a problem with the power cord.18.

No video or audio playbackWhen you switch to a different computer or a different operating system, there might be a lag in video or sound playback.19.

The computer is unable to communicate with other computers or devices in your networkThe network connection will not keep up with the speed of the Internet.20.

The screen becomes dark and flickeringWhen the screen turns black, it is because there is no power.21.

The power supply does not functionWhen the power supply fails, you will not see the laptop power indicator on the screen.22.

USB port issuesWhen a computer or other device is connected to an USB port, the device will become disconnected.23.

The keyboard does not respondWhen you type, the cursor does not move and the keyboard is not working.24.

The monitor does not workThe monitor does have a brightness and contrast settings but does not provide enough brightness or contrast.25.

The battery is outWhen the battery dies, the battery may become damaged.26.

No USB port for external computersThe computer may not allow you to plug in external devices, such as external hard drives or cameras.27.

USB connector is not in the right place or orientationWhen you plug in an external USB device, it will not come up on the system screen.28.

Battery life is not satisfactoryWhen you get tired of using your laptop for a long time, you might want to replace it.29.

Battery is too smallWhen the display is too large or the display gets dark, it can cause a slow down in productivity.30.

The processor is slowThe processor can not handle the high load on the battery.31.

Screen is not properly litThe screen can not be lit properly.32.

No HDMI portThe HDMI port does not accept HDMI signals.33.

No mouse or keyboardThe mouse or the keyboard does have an external mouse and keyboard.34.

No keyboard or touchpadThere is no keyboard or a touchpad.35.

No microphone The microphone is not wired to the computer.36.

No speakersThe speakers do have an audio port but they are not being used.37.

No audio cablesWhen you use headphones, you are losing the sound quality.38.

No external battery chargerThe battery charging cable is not plugged in properly.39.

No displayThe display does display the correct information, but you can’t see the information because of the lack of the power source.40.

No webcamThe webcam does not come with

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