How to Make an Office Machine for $2,000

A $2 million office machine has been created by a startup in South Africa that lets you easily assemble your own machine for $1,000.

The Lad Machine, which was unveiled this week by startup entrepreneur Matt Allen, is designed to be simple to assemble and uses a small box of components to make it happen.

You can buy a $1.2 million machine that can hold a desk or desk lamp, but the company says the Lad Machine is a more cost-effective option.

“This is a $2 machine that is not a machine that you have to buy,” Allen told CNNMoney.

“It is a machine you can make at home.”

It was designed for small office workers who need to quickly assemble and assemble machines for their family and friends, or for those who need a cheaper alternative to buy the pricey machine.

The machine, which can be bought from the company, costs $1 a piece, with the parts for the machine costing around $100.

The company says it has already sold out of the machines it is selling.

“We are very proud of our machine,” Allen said.

“We are in the process of selling out of this machine.”

Allen has previously built a $100,000 office machine and a $500,000 desktop machine.

He is also a regular speaker at companies like IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and other tech giants.

Allen says the company has received a number of inquiries from people wanting to build their own office machines, and he hopes to sell more soon.

The maker of the Lad machine, Matt Allen of Lad Machine Corp., told CNN that the company is in the early stages of production and has received requests for more machines.

Allen said the company hopes to get its first machine sold in 2018, and hopes to expand into other markets over the next year.

“The machine is very, very lightweight and it has an open architecture, so there is no assembly needed,” he said.

The machines are made of wood, acrylic, and PVC, and the company also sells the machine for about $1 each.

It is an interesting move by a company that is hoping to bring a cheaper and more flexible way to assemble computers into the hands of people, Allen said, and it is a good example of the company’s approach to the problem of high-tech, high-volume manufacturing.

“I think that the more people are able to do this, the more likely they are to be able to use it for good,” Allen added.

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