Google says it has no plans to expand its Office tablet business, but will sell phones

Google is planning to start selling smartphones and tablets in the US as part of its efforts to boost sales of the company’s Google Glass headset.

The company has been planning for some time to sell Google Glass and its accessories, which include Google Assistant software that is capable of interacting with the Google Glass devices.

The US tech giant is planning on selling its own Google Glass glasses to consumers, but has said it has not yet decided what it will do with the business of selling Google Glass to the public.

“We haven’t finalized a number of the products that we are planning to sell, but we will definitely sell phones,” Google’s head of product development, Brian Maffei, told the Wall Street Journal.

“I can’t talk about the specific products, but it is certainly in the works.”

The company will sell Google phones to consumers by selling them directly to them and by letting them connect to the devices through their own Google apps.

“There’s no way to do it with the software.

It’s too complicated,” Maffee said.

“It’s going to be a hardware company, and the hardware will be in a Google booth.”

Google has also said it will sell some accessories that include the Google Assistant headset, including the Google Home, which Google bought for $35 million in 2013 and is now offering for free.

Maffei said Google will not sell Glass to consumers directly, but that it will allow them to connect their Google Glass headsets to their smartphone or tablet.

“If you want to buy a phone or tablet, we will let you connect your Google Glass,” he said.

Mallory Ortberg, director of research at research firm Strategy Analytics, told Reuters the move could be seen as a signal that Google’s Glass business is getting more serious.

“I think we can expect that it’s not just a product to be bought by the public, it’s also going to start to be used in certain contexts,” she said.

Google is not the only tech company hoping to sell Glass, though.

Microsoft is planning an expansion of its Surface tablet line that would include a Google Glass accessory.

Microsoft also plans to sell an Android phone that will come with the Glass headset for a price that is a bit less than Google Glass.

The Google Glass business could also be a big boon for Amazon.

The e-commerce giant plans to launch a series of Google Glass accessories in the coming weeks.

Amazon also plans on selling a smartphone that will feature the Google headset as a standard feature, but not Google Glass, and is working with other tech companies to make the phone a bit cheaper than the $399 price tag that Google is now charging for its headsets.

“They are going to get a lot of interest from people that are looking for an alternative to Google Glass but not looking to pay the premium price,” Ortberg said.

“Amazon has the opportunity to take a risk and see if they can make a product that’s not the Google-powered Google Glass.”

The timing of the announcement is interesting because it comes on the heels of Google’s announcement that it would be launching a free smartphone that would have the Google voice assistant.

Google has previously been working on a new headset that would be available in July.

But the Google Pixel phones, which launched last year, were a failure.

The company plans to do a lot better with the Pixel devices in the near future.

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