Deans office machines are a great investment

Deans Office Machines has become the latest tech company to be purchased by Microsoft, with the company’s founder Mark Deans revealing he wants to spend more on office equipment.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Deans said the firm was looking to spend $1bn on office machines in the coming months, and that it was looking at investing in new hardware.

Deans’ firm is the latest in a string of tech companies to be bought by Microsoft and the move is sure to be welcomed by investors.

Deans, who sold his stake in the company to Microsoft last year, said that the firm had a “great future ahead” with its future in the IT sector.

Deants Office Machines are a lot of fun and I’ve always loved the company, Deants said.

I know that we’re going to be a company that people love and I want to build on that.

I’ve got great ideas for our office, he said.

Microsoft acquired Deans’ office equipment company in December, making him one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Deants told the Wall Street Journal last year that the company was going to build an “excellent office” which would cost $100m.

DeANS said that he wanted to invest in new equipment, adding that he would invest in “new and exciting” technologies to help the firm survive.

He said that in the future, Deacs future plans would include “more machines and other things”.

Microsoft bought Deans stake in Deans company in January, which saw the company move from its own offices to Microsoft’s facilities.

Dean said that Microsoft had been “very patient” with his firm, adding: “They’ve been very patient, they’ve been kind, they’re very thoughtful.”

Microsoft acquired the firm in December to make it easier for the company keep its offices in the US.

Microsoft’s purchase of Deans equipment also came after it acquired a stake in Google.

DeAN said that his company had been able to stay profitable since the deal, and had been using the extra cash to build out the company.

“It’s been great, we’ve got some great things going on,” Deans told TechCrunch.

“We’ve got new ideas, we have new products coming up, and we have some great customers.

We have an amazing future ahead.”

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