Computer glitches and a big win for workers at Abbotsford’s office machines

A commercial office machine that workers had been using to access online banking has gone offline for a third day, forcing workers to use the internet to access their online banking accounts.

The Abbotsfield-based company that owns the machines said the downtime was due to an issue with its hardware, and the company is working with its customers to fix the issue.

The company said the issue affected about 5,000 machines, including about 2,000 that were in use at its headquarters.

The outage was triggered by a hardware issue, said Scott Gudzune, a senior vice president with the company.

The company is still investigating the cause, he said.

The problem affected about 4,000 computers in use on its corporate network, he added.

“The vast majority of our business is online and we’ve got about 15,000 businesses that are online,” Gudzen said.

“It’s been a rough few weeks for us.”

Gudzen declined to say what caused the issue, saying only that the company “can’t speculate” on what caused it.

The machines were the most popular and widely used at the company, Gudzone said.

Gudzime said the company has taken steps to protect its machines and will provide an update Monday.

The issue affected only about 10 machines at the firm, and it’s too early to tell if the issue will affect other offices, he explained.

Workers are using computers to access the company’s website, as well as to connect to the company email system and chat room, Guthzune said.

The internet connection for those computers is not working, and workers are still trying to get online, he noted.

Worker Scott Haskins said he was using the company website to get his bank account open when he noticed the machines had stopped working.

He contacted the company to get an update.

“It was just a weird feeling that they were down,” Haskens said.

He said the machines were in his office at the time.

“I had to go get my phone and get it working,” he said, noting that he could not login because the internet connection was down.

“I’m not sure what’s going on.”

Haskins also reported the issue to the Abbotsville Police Department.

The department has been investigating the issue and will send out a report Monday, he tweeted.

A spokesman for the police department confirmed the department received the report.

Abbotsdale Mayor Richard Ahern said the city is “in contact with the office machines vendor” to see what further action can be taken.

“We’ve had reports of people using the machines in the wrong office,” Ahern told ABC News.

“We’re working on a plan to get that resolved.

We’re hopeful that it can be resolved soon.”

Abbotsfield Mayor Richard Guthzone speaks to the media during a press conference in Abbotsfest, Idaho, on Tuesday, March 8, 2017.

Abbotsford-based Abbotsflex is one of the most prominent companies that owns office machines at its regional headquarters.

The firm operates more than 20,000 commercial, industrial and commercial office machines.ABC News’ Michael O’Brien contributed to this report.

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