Boise office machines go on sale with the big machine

Boise office machine maker, Whitsundays, is selling its office machines to the big business.

The company announced its big machine line of office equipment, called the “Big Mac” at its annual shareholders meeting Monday.

It’s a “largely digital business, but it’s also an office machine, and a lot of that comes from the ability to connect and integrate data, so we wanted to have the most robust and modern office product that we can sell,” said company President, Jeff Gerson.

The Big Mac will come with a suite of features including the Apple Mac mini and Mac mini Pro, as well as the ability for users to customize the product to meet their personal needs.

Gerson said he expects that Whitsuns office machines will be sold at a discounted price than those sold by IBM and Dell.

“The big difference is the Mac mini,” he said.

“The Mac mini has a full touchscreen, so it’s really easy to use.

But we’ve found that a lot more people are not comfortable with the full Mac.

The big Mac is a great tool for a lot people.

We think it’s a great combination of power and portability.”

The Big MACs will be offered in two sizes: a 10-inch model and a 12-inch, and can be configured to work on a variety of different work environments, from large to small.

The first two models will be available on April 18 and 19, Gerson said.

Whitsundas new machines are based on the latest Intel Atom CPUs, with dual cores, and support Thunderbolt 3 ports, he said, which means they can be used to connect to a large number of external devices such as tablets, smart phones and PCs.

The Mac Mini is a “great tool for people who like the convenience of using a laptop,” Gerson added.

“We have a lot less moving parts, so the Mac Mini can be a very powerful tool for workflows.”

The Mac Pro is another great choice for work environments that include desktops, laptops and monitors.

Gron said the Big Mac and Mac Mini will not only fit in a laptop’s desktop but also in a tablet.

“People can put them in a small screen,” he added.

Whitesundays Big Mac is the company’s first business to offer a single model, with the next models coming later in the year.

The next two models are the “Apple Mac Mini,” which comes in a 16-inch size, and the “Mac Pro,” which is smaller, at 12-inches.

Gersons team is still in the process of designing the new machines.

“This is just the beginning of what we’re going to be able to do,” Gersen said.

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